Bonding low surface energy plastics

Bonding low surface energy plastics

Easy-Mix PE-PP 50

This product is a 2-component construction adhesive based on methyl acrylate. Due to its transparent curing, it is particularly suitable for visually appealing, high-strength adhesive bonding of low surface energy plastics, such as PE, PP and TPE.

Thanks to its special formula, the adhesive is suitable for zero-gap bonds and for connecting surfaces with extremely small bonding gaps of less than 0.2 mm.

The structural adhesive has a fast strength build-up and a high final strength. It is impact-resistant, ageing-resistant, chemical-resistant, and slightly thixotropic.

PE-PP 50 has a short pot life of six minutes and a processing time of twelve minutes. It is applied with a 1:1 system and does not require pre-treatment of the bonding surfaces, as the adhesive has an integrated primer.

Wide range of applications
The adhesive was developed to securely bond low surface energy plastics, such as HDPE, LDPE or PTFE.

Easy-Mix PE-PP 50 is also suitable for other plastics, such as rigid PVC, PA, PC, ABS, PMMA or fibre composites. In addition, the adhesive can be used to bond numerous other materials, such as galvanised steel, stainless steel, or aluminium.

Various fields of application
The structural adhesive can be used in many industrial areas, where visually appealing adhesive bonds of low surface energy plastics are required. These include, for example, advertising and trade fair construction, furniture production for outdoor areas, production of cooling units and freezers, as well as manufacture of sporting and fitness equipment.

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19 dicembre 2021


Thorsten Krimphove